Terlingua Preservation Society
Special In-Crowd Pre-Event
Tuesday, September 29
Many attendees will meet Tuesday afternoon/evening in San Antonio. We will have a group dinner and then caravan to Lajitas via Highway 90 West. This route is 40 minutes longer than I-10 but much more scenic. It is about 7 hours and 30 minutes from SA to Lajitas. We will stop for gas and potty breaks. We will also stop at the Pecos river bridge overlook, which is the highest bridge in Texas. You will also have the opportunity to stop in Langtry, Texas, home to the (in)famous Judge Roy Bean - the "Hanging" Judge. 

Wednesday, September 30

Official TPS caravans from east and west plan to dine together and overnight at Lajitas Golf Resort.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Tuesday and Wednesday dinner and lodging costs are NOT included in main event fee. To guarantee lodging in the same room for the entire event, accommodations for Wednesday night should be paid for thru TPS along with the main event fee.

Pre-Event Room Costs:
Standard Room $195*
Cottage $285*
Suite $300*
*Room type subject to availability

Contact Sean Cook or Warren Farris for caravan itineraries/schedules.

Contact David Elkowitz for pre-event sign-up and details.